Equisetum praealtum Rafinesque

Locations ofEquisetum praealtum Rafinesque in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Equisetum praealtum Rafinesque
Common Name
Tall Scouring-Rush
Equisetum hymale L.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Equisetum praealtum Rafinesque
This North American species has often been treated as synonymous with Eurasian E. hyemale, or as a var. or ssp. thereof. However, recent studies demonstrate that it warrants specific recognition, based on both morphology and molecular phylogeny. The hybrid with E. laevigatum (E. x ferrisii Clute) is reported for Va by FNA.
Floodplain forests, riverbanks, rocky shores and scour bars, calcareous fens, and mesic to dry shell-marl forests of the Coastal Plain; also in disturbed alluvial habitats and on eroding, sedimentary cliffs and bluffs of Coastal Plain rivers, especially where calcareous shell deposits are prevalent. Frequent throughout.
Native Status

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