Huperzia appressa (Desv.) A.& D. Love

Locations ofHuperzia appressa (Desv.) A.& D. Love in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Huperzia appressa (Desv.) A.& D. Love
Common Name
Appalachian Fir Clubmoss, Appalachian Clubmoss, Appalachian Firmoss
Huperzia appalachiana Beitel & Mickel; Lycopodium selago L.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Huperzia appressa (Desv.) A. Love & D. Love
The species was first distinguished at the species level by Beitel & Mickel in Amer. Fern J. 82(2):41-46 (1992) as Huperzia appalachiana. They report the species from Washington Co. based on an 1892 collection by Britton from "White Top Mt, 5678', summit". This may be the same station also reported from Smyth County as the county lines converge at the summit. Most of the good habitat is in Smyth County. See also map for Huperzia appressa × lucidula.
Huperzia appressa is primarily a species of northern North America. Its Virginia occurrences are part of a discontinuous scattering of populations in the higher Central and Southern Appalachians.
High-elevation outcrops and barrens, on mafic and felsic rocks of the Blue Ridge, including metabasalt, amphibolite, granite (both basic and acidic), and rhyolite; often under overhangs or on sheltered ledges and faces. Rare in the mountains.
Native Status

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