Isoetes virginica N.E. Pfeiffer

Locations ofIsoetes virginica N.E. Pfeiffer in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Isoetes virginica N.E. Pfeiffer
Common Name
Virginia Quillwort
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Isoetes virginica N.E. Pfeiffer
See Castanea 61:145-160 (1996) for discussion of identity and status. As currently interpreted, this species is a narrow Virginia - North Carolina endemic, primarily of the Piedmont. Isoetes virginica is an allotetraploid (2n = 44). Based on material collected from the same station reported by Brunton, Britton & Wieboldt in Castanea, one of the parents is I. melanopoda spp. silvatica and the other is likely a taxon related to I. piedmontana, but whose genome has not yet been found (Carl Taylor, pers. comm).
Summer-dry sinkhole ponds, seasonally wet upland depressions, and small, wet-weather drains, especially in moss hummocks; the single Coastal Plain station (Prince George Co.) is in a seasonally flooded channel of a large bottomland swamp. Presumably rare, based on few known locations (two in the mountains, several in the Piedmont, one in inner Coastal Plain), but lack of field work and the necessity of chromosome counts for positive identification preclude a reliable assessment.
Native Status

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