Lycopodiella ×gilmanii A. Haines

Locations ofLycopodiella ×gilmanii A. Haines in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lycopodiella ×gilmanii A. Haines
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia
Lycopodiella ×gilmanii was described as a new hybrid clubmoss in Amer. Fern J. 93(4):196-202 (2003), to refer to the hybrid between L. inundata and L. appressa. Apparently diploid hybrids produce normal spores whereas triploid hybrids form abortive spores. The same two parents also form a tetraploid hybrid called L. margueritae, described from Michigan (Michigan Bot. 30:3-10 (1991)). Ploidy level has not been determined for Virginia populations, but it is assumed for the present that our plants are more likely L. ×gilmanii. The Albemarle population has been found to produce a high percentage of abortive spores offering some confirmation of this likelihood. Further study is needed.
Native Status

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