Pinus palustris Miller

Locations ofPinus palustris Miller in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Pinus palustris Miller
Common Name
Longleaf Pine
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Pinus palustris P. Mill.
The map reflects only counties for which herbarium specimens exist. Additional localities with historical reports of this species are Chesapeake City, Greensville County, Hampton City, James City County, Norfolk City, Prince George County, Surry County, Sussex County, and York County. A specimen (Moldenke 2780 at NY) collected in 1925 near Sinnickson in northern Acccomack Co. represents the northernmost limit of the historical range. Although there are no extant longleaf pines on the Eastern Shore (except for occasional cultivated lawn trees), "skeleton wood" evidence of the species was recently discovered by Chase Howard in the general vicinity of the 1925 collection; this evidence was reportedly verified by the Virginia Dept. of Forestry (H. Plourde-Rogers, pers. comm.).
Mesic to xeric sandhills and sandy uplands, on sites formerly influenced by frequent fires. Rare, s. Coastal Plain; now limited to a few sites in Suffolk City and Isle of Wight and Southampton counties, primarily on sandhills along the e. side of the Blackwater River. Formerly more widespread in se. Virginia, now nearly extirpated due to fire exclusion.
Native Status

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