Polypodium appalachianum Haufler & Windham

Locations ofPolypodium appalachianum Haufler & Windham in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Polypodium appalachianum Haufler & Windham
Common Name
Appalachian Rock Polypody, Appalachian Rockcap Fern
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Polypodium appalachianum Haufler & Windham
The distinction between this species and P. virginianum can be problematic, with identification confounded by frequent triploid backcrosses having intermediate morphology (Polypodium ×incognitum). The current map is based on specimens labelled or annotated as P. appalachianum in online, southeastern herbaria (SERNEC). It is incomplete at this time, as the species is likely in most mountain counties.
Moist to dry, usually shaded montane outcrops and talus of various sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks, especially at middle to high elevations. Frequent in the mountains, with a few inner Piedmont reccords, and a reported n. Coastal Plain outlier in King and Queen County.
Native Status

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