Carex pallescens L.

Locations ofCarex pallescens L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex pallescens L.
Common Name
Pale Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex pallescens L.
This sedge is widespread at northern latitudes of North America but is a long-range disjunct to Virginia. There is probably no other species in the state's flora that's known from near sea level and above 4500 ft, but nowhere else!
High-elevation montane meadows of the Southern Blue Ridge; an historical (1893) collection in the n. Piedmont was from the shore of the Potomac River in Arlington County. Rare, known only from the Wilburn Ridge–Pine Mountain area of the Southern Blue Ridge, near Mount Rogers (Grayson County), where extant, and historically from northern VA.
Native Status

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