Carex oklahomensis Mackenzie

Locations ofCarex oklahomensis Mackenzie in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex oklahomensis Mackenzie
Common Name
Oklahoma Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex oklahomensis Mackenzie
First documented in Virginia in 1995 from a Giles County roadbank by Fleming; see Castanea 63:85. After a 27-year period without further documentation, it was discovered in both Goochland and Louisa counties in the central Piedmont; then, in 2023, it was found in Fairfax County. At the central Virginia sites, it grows in moist to boggy clearings in extremely acidic soils; at the Fairfax site, it grows in a sewer line right-of-way. Native to the central U.S.; records to the north and east are recent, suggesting an actively expanding range. This species resembles Carex stipata and C. laevivaginata but can be readily distinguished by its overall blue-green color, solid terete stem, and bladeless lower sheaths.
Calcareous roadbank seeps in Giles County; moist, acid-soil meadow and boggy powerline clearing in the central Piedmont (Goochland and Louisa counties); sewer line right-of-way in the fall zone region of Fairfax Co.. Apparently infrequent or rare, but quite common at the Louisa Co. site, and likely occurring undetected in other areas.
Native Status

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