Carex austrolucorum (Rettig) D.P. Poind. & Naczi

Locations ofCarex austrolucorum (Rettig) D.P. Poind. & Naczi in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex austrolucorum (Rettig) D.P. Poind. & Naczi
Common Name
Appalachian Woodland Sedge
Carex lucorum Willd. ex Link var. austrolucorum J. Rettig
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex austrolucorum (Rettig) D.P. Poind. & Naczi
This taxon was given species status by Poindexter and Naczi in Brittonia 66:358-370 (2014). It is shown to differ from Carex lucorum in multiple morphological characters, chromosome number, flavonoid chemistry, and allopatric distribution - ample justification for species recognition.
Mesic to dry montane oak forests and northern hardwood forests. Infrequent in the mountains of sw. Virginia (Southern Blue Ridge and Ridge and Valley), but locally abundant and forming turfs in northern hardwood forests of the Balsam Mountains, favoring warmer slopes and crests under Fagus grandifolia.
Native Status

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