Carex longii Mackenzie

Locations ofCarex longii Mackenzie in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex longii Mackenzie
Common Name
Long's Sedge
C. albolutescens, in part, of some older manuals
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex longii Mackenzie
This species is very similar to Carex albolutescens and has been lumped with it in many past Virginia floristic studies. As a result, it may be more common than collections indicate. Herbarium specimens labeled C. albolutescens need critical examination. In addition, some specimens of Carex longii have pistillate scales long enough that they may key to Carex silicea. These may be distinguished by having shorter perigynia (ca. 3.2 mm vs. > 4mm for silicea) and the achene and the veins over the achene more clearly visible on the inner surface of the perigynium. All spikes of Carex silicea are consistently clavate, and while Carex longii may occur in coastal environments, Carex silicea only occurs in the maritime zone.
Bogs, boggy clearings, wet flatwoods, interdune swales and ponds, depression swamps and ponds, tidal swamps, and other wetlands. Frequent in the Coastal Plain, with widely scattered outliers in the Piedmont and mountains. This species may be more common than collections indicate due to past confusion and lumping with Carex albolutescens.
Native Status

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