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The Flora of Virginia Project was established in 2001 to fund, prepare, and publish a modern, comprehensive manual of Virginia’s vascular plants. Authored by Alan Weakley, J. Christopher Ludwig, and John F. Townsend, The Flora of Virginia was published by the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) Press in December of 2012. This illustrated, 1554-page manual includes keys and accounts for 3,164 taxa of vascular plants in Virginia including all native and well-established non-native taxa. In addition to the treatments, three supplementary chapters are provided – Plant Discovery and Documentation in Virginia: A Historical Perspective detailing the history of botanical exploration, by Donna Ware and Nancy Hugo; The Nature of the Virginia Flora, a treatment of the natural and developmental history of the flora, by Gary Fleming; and Learning the Virginia Flora: 50 Sites for Productive Field Botany, also by Fleming. Future projects of the Flora will include the development of digital applications that will link the Flora with the Digital Atlas and other databases, and make possible the practical use of all these resources together in the field using smart phones and other devices.

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