How to Order a PDF version of the Digital Atlas

Virginia Botanical Associates (VBA) is pleased to offer a document containing all maps from the online Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora (, current as of July 1, 2013. We are presently offering this product in PDF format on a CD-ROM, for the convenience of those who wish to print some or all of the maps, carry this resource electronically in the field, or browse the maps off-line. The document is organized by major group, then alphabetically by family, species, and subspecific taxa. We plan to update the document annually, most likely every spring.

The cost for a CD-ROM containing the document is $12, including shipping. If you are interested in purchasing, please send your contact information and mailing address with a check, money order, or cash to:

Virginia Botanical Associates, Inc.
Attn.: R. Wright, Treasurer
9240 Stony Crest Circle, #915
Richmond, VA 23235
Phone: (571) 228 8144

In the future, we may offer ready-bound, hard copies of this document, but costs for reproduction have proven fairly steep. Because VBA has limited discretionary resources, we would like to first gauge interest and demand for such a product. If a spiral-bound, hard-copy book containing the Digital Atlas maps is something that would interest you, please drop us an email at and let us know. Cost for the bound Digital Atlas with black-and white maps, clear front and vinyl back would likely be in the $20-$25 range if demand is high enough to take advantage of discounted copying rates.